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Robert Wilkos

Robert Wilkos is the co-founder of, a premier private jet charter company renowned for its exceptional service and commitment to luxury travel. With a visionary approach, Wilkos has led VIP Jets to become a leader in the aviation industry, offering unparalleled services to a global clientele. The company, under his direction, provides access to over 10,000 aircraft worldwide, catering to a diverse range of travel needs, from helicopters to heavy jets.

Wilkos’ entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for aviation and an ambition to redefine luxury air travel. He identified a gap in the market for a service that not only offered safety and reliability but also personalized experiences and convenience. His business philosophy revolves around attention to detail, ensuring each passenger’s experience is tailored to their specific needs.

Under Wilkos’ leadership, VIP Jets stands out for its 24-hour concierge service, reduced fuel costs, and a variety of private aircraft options. The company continually adds jets to its fleet, maintaining only the best in class. Highlighting models like the Embraer Phenom 300, Cessna Citation XLS, and Bombardier Challenger 350, Wilkos ensures VIP Jets caters to various preferences and requirements.

Robert Wilkos
Robert Wilkos

Safety is a cornerstone of Wilkos’ operations. He ensures that VIP Jets abides by stringent safety regulations set by Wyvern LTD and ARG/US. Each aircraft and pilot must meet FAA Part 135 Regulation, ensuring the highest safety and security standards.

Wilkos also values flexibility and simplicity in travel, evident in VIP Jets’ 25-Hour Jet Card, which offers a flexible alternative to jet ownership. This program features all-inclusive pricing, access to a fleet of new or late-model aircraft, and guaranteed top-rated aircraft and crew for safety.

In addition to air travel, Wilkos has extended VIP Jets’ services to include ground transportation and air medical transport, ensuring comprehensive care and convenience for clients. The VIP Air Medical service, a testament to Wilkos’ commitment to comprehensive service, provides emergency and non-emergency medical flights.

Wilkos’ vision and dedication have not only propelled VIP Jets to the forefront of the private aviation industry but have also set new benchmarks for luxury, safety, and customer service. His leadership continues to drive the company’s growth, ensuring that VIP Jets remains synonymous with the highest standards of private air travel.